Friday, September 19, 2008

Bug reporting

One of the main challenges of maintaining Jureeka is that the source material to which Jureeka points is frequently on the move. Publishers take material down, or change the URLs, and as a result users are sometimes taken to far, lonely corners of the Internet. And because Jureeka leads to several million pages of material, there's just no way for me to check it all on my own.

For this reason, version 1.2 of the toolbar includes a button () that lets users report bugs. (I tried to draw a spider but ended up with a tick.)

Typical bugs include:
  • Pages with obscure error messages (note that sometimes this happens because the citation itself is incorrect)
  • Pages with funny hyperlinks inserted due to some error in Jureeka's citation identifier
  • Pages that are legal sources but not the correct one (rare)
So thanks in advance to those who take the time to report bugs, and my apologies in advance for any accidental web travels.

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