Monday, October 6, 2008

The Federal Reporter, volumes 1-281

I just uploaded Jureeka version 1.4, which includes links to around 275 volumes from the Federal Reporter. These volumes cover U.S. federal circuit court cases from 1880 to around 1922.

The cases are hosted at:
The cases are in PDF form but both of these sites let you view an HTML version of each case, so Jureeka can work its magic on them.

This material is probably of little interest to John Q. Lawyer, let alone John Q. Public. But I'm compulsive about hyperlinking the legal web - knitting together legal source material from a variety of publishers and making it all accessible by legal citation. Even if few people reach these cases, I like knowing that it's reachable.

And who knows, maybe the authority you're looking for is in there...though I highly doubt it.

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lworth02 said...

I am a lawyer (pending bar ;) ) who actually does find myself pulling "F." cases often enough to be quite grateful, now that I'm out of school and in the real (i.e. "Westlaw ain't free anymore") world. So a big public "thank you"!